10 of the best songs to make her come back when a relationship ends.

Updated: Apr 21

You broke up with her and now you realize you want her back. You know, there’s an old Greek quote which says that: “You can’t mend a broken glass.” Yeah maybe that’s true but you know your relationship better than any quote out there. Nobody believes in romance anymore but in our minds we all have these romantic songs that we would like to listen that moment when we are getting back together with our recently broken relationship. I mean all those songs that scream “I want you back”. These are only 10 of the most meaningful songs of 80s and 90s that will help you achieve that. This is not a top 10. It’s only our 10 favorite songs when it comes to a break up and how you can get her back.

Take That – Back for Good (1995)

The song that was no1 in 31 countries and the only song from that group that was No1 in the US, written by the lead singer of the group Gary Barlow.

Bryan Adams- Please Forgive Me (1993)

An amazing song written by Bryan Adams and Robert Lange. Released in October 1993 for the Bryan Adams’s collection named “So Far So Good”, (I’m so lucky to have it in my LP collection).

Johnny Logan – Hold Me Now (1987)

The winning song of the European Song Contest of 1987 (Eurovision). One of the best songs ever written.

Aerosmith – Crying (1993)

It’s a power ballad written by Steve Tyler, Joe Perry and Taylor Rhodes. Released in 1993 as a single of their 11th studio album named “Get A Grip”.

Andru Donalds - Simple obsession (1999)

Not as well-known as “Mishale” but the amazing voice of Andru Donalds made that song insatiable. Written by himself and released in 1999.

Foreigner - Heaven on our side (1992)

One of the best “break-up” songs ever written. It was released in the “Best of and Beyond” in 1992 a little after Lou Gramm has left the band for solo carrier. Enjoy it and feel it. It sounds truly amazing.

Alias – More than Words Can Say (1990)

That power ballad released in 1990 and written by Steve DeMarchi and Freddy Curci. That amazing song from the Canadian Rock band “Alias” was No2 in the US and No1 in Canada for 4 weeks.

East 17 – Stay Another Day

Released in 1994 from the boyband that topped the charts mostly in Europe. It was No1 in the UK and in the top 10 of at least 14 countries.

Pretty Maids – Please don’t leave Me

Written by John Sykes and what an outstanding cover from the Danish hard rock / metal band “Pretty maids”. That’s the magic in world music. We are dealing with a band that had enormous success in Japan and Australia but not in the US or Europe.

Scorpions – Still Loving You

That’s a band everyone knows. Written by Rudolph Schenker and released in July 1984 in the album “Love At First Sting”. This is the ultimate “I want you back” song ever written. Claus Meine’s performance is one of the best that you’ll ever hear.


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