3 amazing female singers we should all know and love.

There are great voices that we know and all those voices that we have heard sometime in our lives in a song that reminds us something distant. One step behind from the singing divas that we know there are so many beautiful voices with great stories that need to be learned. These are 3 of them that most Americans know but we (the Europeans) have no clue and they are so amusing stories. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

Amy Grant

Her full name is Amy Lee Grant and was born in Augusta, Georgia in 25th of November 1960. Her education was mostly in the contemporary Christian Music. Her music until in the early 80s was mostly all about Gospel music and then she changed her music style in Pop music. Her greatest solo hits were “My father’s eyes”, El Shaddai (from the album “Age to Age” which was her first winning Grammy Award for Gospel music and was rewarded as song of the century from the American Recording Association), “Stay For A While” and “Far Away”.

So why did I choose Amy Grant as one of those 3 I wanted to write about? You may think that she is one of many great voices out there and some of those had greater success than her. Are you ready? Amy Lee has sold more than 30 million albums in her recording career, has received 6 Grammy Awards for her music, 22 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, she has her own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 2006 and she is called the “Queen of Christian Pop”. That’s why.

Do we know her? Most of us must have heard her duet with Peter Cetera in 1986 “Next Time I Fall” which was No1 in Us billboard back in 1986.

Vonda Shepard

Vonda Shepard is a singer, an actress and a music director. She was born in New York in 1963 but she was raised in California. She was a backup singer until her first solo album in 1991. She has sold more than 12 million albums in her life and most of those copies were from her participation as a singer/actress in American TV-Show “Ally McBeal”. She has won 2 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, 2 Screen Guild Actor Awards, she has topped the charts with the soundtrack from “Ally McBeal” named “Searching my Soul” and she has received the Billboard award for the most selling TV soundtrack of all time.

She was the first choice to play the character of Michael J. Fox’s sister in “Light of Day” just before the CBS network decides to give the role to Joan Jett. She was also the number 1 choice to perform with Peter Cetera the song “Next Time I fall” a little before he decided to perform it with who? You guessed it right. With Amy Lee Grant.

In 1998 she was spotted by the creator of “Ally McBeal” (the former attorney David E. Kelley) singing in a club and signed her to act and perform in the show. She played the singer of the club and most of her songs were according to the story of the show. She has recorded 4 studio albums for the show and was the main reason how she got her acting awards. She was also the vocals from the theme of 2010 movie “Love and Other Drugs” composed by James Newton Howard.

Do we know her? Most of us must have heard her performing one of the best love ballads ever written with Dan Hill back in 1987. The song’s name is “Can’t we Try”.

Oleta Adams

She was born in 1953 and was raised in Washington. Her father was a preacher and was raised into Gospel music. There was a lot of rejection as she couldn’t find anyone to be interested in her demo back in the 1970s mostly because it was the time of Disco and nobody seemed to care about Soul and Gospel . She got noticed for her great voice when she moved in Kansas, Missouri where she wrote her 2 first personal albums but without great success.

Over the next few years she was singing in Hyatt Hotel until she has been spotted by Roland Orzabal (the founder and the main singer of “Tears For Fears”. She was a member of the group for many years and met great success with the magnificent album “Seeds of Love” and the amazing song “Woman In Chains” which she sung as a duet with Roland Orzabal with Phil Collins in the drums. This song was her first big hit as it topped No1 in the UK and in the top 40 of 1989’s Billboard.

Back in the 1980’s she met her future husband, the drummer John Cushon. The funny part was that she was never interested in marrying him until they were both involved in Los Angeles Earthquake and then she thought it was a sign from God for them to get married and so she did.

In 1991 she decided to restart her solo career and she recorded the wonderful album “Circle Of One”. Most of the songs were written by Roland Orzabal but let’s face the fact that until today she has re-united a lot of times with Tears For Fears and most of the times she had participated as vocals in their albums that have been created until today. As she was growing into the music industry she was rolling deeply into the R & B music and she was adapting with new music and material although she has never lost her identity.

Do we know her? Most of us have loved the best song from her album “Circle Of One” the ecstatic love song “Get Here”.


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