8 beautiful things everyone should know about Air supply.

Air supply is a band that has started performing in 1975 and the main founders of the group is Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell. Russel was the main voice and Graham the leading guitar. The 2 of them have been all the way with many changes in the rest of the group. There are so many beautiful things to say and learn about their music and their music path in general. Here are the most important things you need to know about Air Supply:

1)The name “Air Supply”

Their name was decided by both of them when they realized that they were both zodiac signs of air and they wanted to supply the world with great music.And so they did.

2)How did they meet?

In 1973 they both had roles in the rock musical (the Australian version) “Jesus Superstar” where they met and become friends instantly. Although they met in Australia only Russell was born there. Graham was born in Arnold, Nottingham of England in 1950 and moved in Australia in 1968.

3)Were they succesfull from the start?

Well the answer to that is “NO” and that was something Russell said in their 1995 interview where he stated that “we were so poor back in our start that we were searching at the back of the hotel sofas for change to buy bread to make a toast.” In the year of 1977 they released their third album “Love and other Bruises” which was produced by Jimmy Horrowitz when they were on a tour supporting Rod Stewart in Australia, USA and Canada and somewhere in the middle of the tour in LA has been released from Columbia Records .

4)Which song was their first success?

In 1979 they have included the song “Lost in Love “ which was their first big success. It was a five minutes and a half version of this great song and the next year they released a album named “Lost In Love” which had 2 songs that reached the US top 5 songs of this year. These songs were “Every woman in the World” (No5) and the excellent “All Out of Love”(No2).

5)Which song was their first that hit No 1 on Billboard?

The three more creative and successful years in the career of Air Supply were the years of 1981-1983.

In 1981 their album “The one that you love” and the same named song has reached the No1 in Billboard including the amazing “Two Less Lonely People in the World.”

In 1982 their album “Now and Forever” was their best album and the one that established the great success of Air Supply. In 1983 they released a “Greatest Hits” album which sold more than 7 million albums all over the world.

6)Which was their best song?

In 1983 in the “Greatest Hits” album they included the song “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” written by the amazing Jim Steinman and that song was their best song. There's a small story behind that song because Meat Loaf has stated in one of his interviews back then that Jim wrote this song for him and that was something that Steinman denied from the first moment.

7)Was there any song that was featured in movies?

In 1984 their song “I can wait forever “ which was co-written with David Foster was included in the blockbuster film “GhostBusters”. Some other songs were featured in the movies “Mr and Miss Smith“ , Wedding Date” and “Bad Company”.

8)How many albums have they released so far?

Starting in 1976 their first studio album and the last was in 2010 they count 17 studio albums and 2 Greatest hits albums. In 2018 a musical that was based in their songs was presented in California.

Air Supply are still together and they are in World Tour almost every year. A double-decker bus named “Air Supply” in New York tours the city honoring their name and music.


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