Basic principals in Customer Service.

Serving customers is a whole science with many different chapters and frankly it should be treated that way. From the moment that you enter into your job until the moment you leave your work everything should be like a well-structured choreography. Now, let’s see the basic principals or I should say the main steps in order to work right and have a lot more possibilities to conclude your winning sales. Mostly because your next target will enter the door in the next few minutes. One target at a time. The basic steps to stand out are:

Personal appearance

Your appearance is the first step and the first thing that a customer will notice after your first “Hello”. You must be clean, nice haircut, your nails cut or fresh made if you are a woman, clean shoes or well-polished, trousers without extreme cuts and a nice shirt if you don’t have to wear that shirt with the company logo (if it is demanded by the company’s policy). Your appearance is the first step to win the customer’s attention and trust.

Great knowledge of your product

Before you start selling something, I think that the most important is to know the details of the product that you are selling. Before you even start dealing with customers you should know everything about the product you are selling. I was talking to a salesman a few years ago about a television I wanted to purchase and about 4 times in his try to present to me the product, he couldn’t answer my queries and his answer was “please let me check in my computer to answer to that question”. That was bad. If you want to deal with a customer the first thing that you should do is to write down 20 questions that you would ask the salesman in order to be ready for the things that he will ask you. If you want to serve better be the customer. A well informed salesman can sale 70% more from someone that is not ready to answer every possible query. You should always keep record of your stock and make sure to inform your supervisor before you run out of products especially the ones that are in discount.

Speech and approaching

No matter what age is the customer you should always address to him in plural. If you feel that singular will help you more to “seal the deal” then you can do that but first you have to ask the customer’s permission in order to change your way. There’s a whole science and a lot of seminars and webinars on how to stand in front of the customer, how to handshake the customer, where to stand during the sale and what words are allowed during the sale. Whatever you sale if you really know the product talk with confidence. Always tell the truth.

Don’t say things to amaze the customer. He or she is not a fool. Don’t say that the price is going to change if there are still days in that offer. Don’t use sales technics that died in the 20th century. When a customer comes in your shop, he is there because he wants to buy that thing that he checked online or in the advertising brochure. He can’t tell you that he doesn’t have enough cash on him. Cash is dead. Everyone uses debit or credit cards.

Never say “NO” to a customer. Pull that word out of your vocabulary. Even if the customer will ask you a price about the moon and the stars your answer should be something like “I’ll see what I can do” or “It’s out of my restrictions but I’ll ask my superiors and I will let you know as soon as possible”. Ask for the customer's permission to give you his number. After one or two weeks call him to ask if everything is all right and if he's happy with the product that he purchased. That shows that you care. Don't flirt with a customer. If you found the love of your life at least don't flirt him or her during your shift.

Keep a daily record

Every company that respect their work should have a form where you can record everything in your daily sales. Even if you “seal the deal” or if you lost the sale, you should write down everything that happened in your shift and that’s something that you can discuss with your superior in order to tell what went wrong or what could be better in your sale. There should be forms for everything that has to do with cleaning, stock, sales, priorities and leave of absence. Complaint forms should be in every sector of the shop but with the right attitude they’ll always be empty.

Build relationships with co-workers.

A good environment and a good relationship between workers will always be a plus towards the customers and sales that can come out of this. In front of the customers you should address to your co-worker in plural. That will show to the customer the mutual respect that there is between workers. Make the customers buy a lot of things from different sectors because everything can combine in a right sale. For example if a customer buys an office or a chair that he has to be assembled then you should tell him to visit the electrical department as well to buy an electrical tool or if he buys frames he can buy screws and nails from this department as well. Combining sales means more money and a right collaboration between sectors to achieve their goals.

A great supervisor must arrange for all the staff to go out for a coffee or a drink, once a week for straining relationships between workers. Friendly ties can make you want to go to your work with joy and will make you love what you do even more. If two of the workers can’t collaborate find a way to put them together until they can work things out and resolve their issues. Everybody should be concentrated to their work. Personal problems should be left outside of the sales battlefield. You spend 8-10 hours a day in your work which frankly means that 1/3 of your life you’re working in an environment that must pleases you.

Customer Service as I said before is a whole science and requires all your attention and the right attitude towards your customers and your co-workers. One small mistake can cost you a good sale and you honesty will make customers to come again and ask you for their next sale. Honesty can build a strong bond that will not be tarnished in the years to come. When I go out, I always meet people that I served many times in the past 20 years and they all greet me by calling me with my first name. They know me. They remember me. That’s my trophy. That’s my achievement.


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