Big age differences lead to great relationships? Yes or No?

Talking about relationships is always a fun part in my blog. Mostly because my thoughts can a lot easier transform into great reading articles. Big age differences are a big issue but first let’s clarify what do we mean by saying “big”. Age differences would not be an issue if the difference was about 5 to 10 years and if one of them was born in the 80s and the other one in the early 90s. Let’s face it. There was a radically change in technology, music, fashion, transports and the way of living after the middle 90s. World Wide Web was enormous after 1995, porn made accessible and free almost after 2000 and social media were publically known about that time.

So big age differences are for the people whose difference is above 10 years and especially when the bigger one was born in the early 80s. And why? Because they grew up in a lot of different environments. The one was born with VHS tapes and the other one was born with DVDs. The one was raised with tape recorders and the other one with cds and later mp3. You might as well ask “And technological differences will be a problem for their relationship?”. It’s an issue, surely not the most important but it’s an issue and that’s why: People must “talk the same language”, if you know what I mean. People when it comes to relationships must be from the same generation, because every generation has grown with different idols, heroes and ideals. Every generation has grown with different problems and as long as the technology was stepping forward to greater innovations more the people were losing their daily communication. Every generation that has passed had more passion than the next one.

Technology has made as all try to explain everything around us even the ones that shouldn’t be explained. Not a long time ago someone stated that he read somewhere that the “Lost Boys” from Peter Pan’s fictional story were in fact ghosts and they have never existed. Really? Do you have to explain even that? Why do we have to kill the magic from our childhood just to explain everything? Doing that it doesn’t make you look smarter. Stop dealing with fairy tales. Don’t destroy the magic that makes our kids imagination grow.

Let’s hope that your next question would be “Does that apply to every relationship whose age difference is above 10 years?” The answer to that is No. If there is good mood, the need for sex is unstoppable, there is patience and both are willing to compromise then surely a long and great relationship is ahead of them. It will be difficult when a man reaches 40 and the other person is lower than 30 years old but there’s a chance that this relationship will remain.

So the biggest issue has to do with a person’s character and how much is willing to compromise to get close to the next generation’s way of thinking. Don’t wait for someone to change. I’ve said that before, no one’s changing. Never. Surely we can all compromise if we want to. The most important thing in a relationship is to learn how to communicate with the other person. Learn how to make long talks. I know that for younger people long talks might sound lame. Sex will keep the fire burning in a relationship but it’s not only that. Learn how to talk. It doesn’t matter if you are 40 or 50 or 60 years old. I don’t want to hear anyone say “I’m too old to fall in love”. My favorite quote will always be:

“Love, Music and Dreams have no expiration date.”


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