Can you measure all the times you said "I love you" in your life? I give you 10 songs that prove it.

(This one goes out to the ones “I loved”.)

We have all said it. We have all felt it. From our early years until today. It’s in our nature, it’s in the songs that we love and share. Really can you measure how many times you have said “I love you” to a woman or a man in your life?

Falling in love from your 5 or 6 years old until today, if it feels right to you, you must have fallen in love about 10 or 15 times in your life. Surely that number varies from person to person because there are these people who found the love of their life in primary school and have been together ever since. But let’s say that is a safe number to use for most of the people.

Falling in love no matter how it ended it has always filled gaps in our lives and had our wallets empty for buying all the records, cassettes, cds that had songs about love. We made so many cassettes mixed with great songs that were written and performed by great artists back in our times.

But can you remember which songs where the ones that we used for our mix-taped expression of love? This is a top 10 of songs that we listened and dedicated the most in the decades of 80s and 90s. Are you ready for a music travel in our best “I love you “moments of our times?

10.Cutting Crew – I just died in your arms tonight.

This power ballad is the bands biggest hit, released in July 1986. It was written by the frontman of the band Nick Van Eede, he inspired it when he was having sex with his girl and the “little death” he’s describing is the orgasm that he had.

09.No Doubt – Don’t Speak

It was released at 1996, It was written by Eric Stefani (the brother of the performer of the band Gwen Stefani who was also a band member). The funny part is that it was written as a love song and Gwen modified it because she needed a song that could speak for her 7 years old relationship that has ended at that time.

08. Whitney Houston – I will always love you.

That song was originally written and performed by the American Country music performer Dolly Parton in 1974 and it was a song just to say goodbye to her music partner before she started a solo career. The song was re-released for the movie “Bodyguard “in 1992 and the voice of Whitney Houston made it remain 14 weeks in the No1 of the US Top which was a really big record for the time.

07.Celine Dion – Power of Love

Released in 1993 in the album “Colour of my Love” but It was first written in 1985 for the voice of Jennifer Rush. Celine made it a really big hit as it has scored a No47 in the Billboard’s 50 most Love Songs of All Time.

06.Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed to Live Without you.

It was written by Doug James and Michael Bolton for Laura Branigan in the October of 1983. When Michael Bolton performed it for his album “Soul Provider” (clearly one of the most erotic albums ever written) in 1988 he made it one of the best love songs ever written and turned himself into a superstar.

05. Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is

Released in November of 1984 written and composed by Mick Jones and Lou Gramm. Literally one of the best love songs ever written and the band’s greatest hit until today.

04. Bonnie Tyler - Totally Eclipse of The Heart.

The song was released in 1984 in Bonnie Tyler’s album “Faster than the Speed Of Light”. It was written by the music magician Jim Steinman and as a single it has sold more than 6 million copies.

03. Mariah Carrey – Without You

This song was first written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans members of the music band “Badfinger” in 1970. The only song that has been released from over 160 singers all over the world. The best versions (rated by many people) were by far the one from Harry Nilsson in 1971 and the one from Mariah Carey in 1994.

02. Wham - Careless Whisper

It was written by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in July of 1984. It was one of the best commercial success of all time and that song was literally everywhere. It was No1 in 25 countries.

01. Lionel Richie & Diana Ross – My Endless Love

In 1981 director Franco Zeffirelli was looking for a music theme for his new film “Endless Love” which was an adaptation from the same named novel of Scott Spencer. The music theme was asked from Lionel Richie. Later he asked for some lyrics as well and when he heard the song he also asked for a woman’s voice and who could sing it better than Diana Ross. In Billboard it is considered the No1 love song of all times.


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