Do you compromise a lot? Or are you looking for the One?

We all have been in a relationship where we let the others think that we like different things than the ones we actually do just to match with a person that sooner or later would see the real version of us and would be disappointed. Mostly because making compromises all the time means that you lie.

First of all, let’s clarify the fact that compromises should be made from both parts of a relationship in order to keep relationship’s standards balanced. If compromises are just one-sided arguments will appear because if there’s only one who tries in a relationship there will be a time when that one person gets tired. And when a person gets tired is always the one who was wrong in that relationship. But can you accuse someone for trying? Why is it bad to make compromises all the time?

You know the answer. You’ve been there. Sometime in your life you had a relationship that really got you tired. Let’s say it together: Making too many compromises will make you lose the ability to be yourself. Will you compromise in a life that you are not yourself or you’ll remain a single until you find something that fills your needs and make you feel whole as a person?

And why is it bad to remain a single? We are not in the 1980’s when your only purpose was to get married young and start a family the soonest. I have friends that are 40 years old and still single and trust me when they don’t work, they are on vacation all the time. They had relationships in their lives and they chose not to compromise.

They are not looking for the one. Do you really think that there is the “one” person for anyone’s life? Words like destiny and fate are very dangerous words and it applies both for the ones who say and the ones who believe it. Mostly because believing that the universe was the reason why you two ended up together is the main reason why the rest of us grew up with the illusion that destiny really exists.

But if destiny and fate don’t really exist how can you name it when you find a person that you have the same interests and you decide to spend the rest of your life with?

The right word is “Compatibility”.

When people have the same interests, same passion and they love having sex with each other it means that they are compatible to live together. I’m a happily married with a woman that has introduced to me by my best friend. We are together for 10 years now and after 2 kids , my love for her is so strong that I can’t imagine living without her. No, she is not going to read this article. She never does. And as I said before I’m not writing articles according to my personal life. I’m writing about things that we all have lived and experienced.

Don’t believe in fate and destiny because that applies only in movies. And let’s face the fact that most movies end at the time they choose to stay together or get married. None of those movies shows what happens next. Because then, the real life begins. The arguments that have to do with our children, the compromises to stay together and the constant battle to make her happy each and every day.

Live your life as you want. When that something that complies with your life appear, live it and enjoy it.

Because you only have one life to live. Live it with passion.


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