Falling in love before even cell phones appeared. How could this be done?

This post has created for all those who were born after the year 1999 and they think that we grew up the same way they did. This post is an important lesson for all those who think that falling in love after 1999 was a lot more difficult than the ones before.

Because I tend to hear it a lot lately and I believe as an ambassador of the late 80s early 90s generation have to clear things up when it comes to this.

First of all let’s clear that we are discussing about a decade who never had cell phones , internet, mp3 ,or even flat screen TVs. Let me give you an example:

Today if you want to express your love to a girl the only thing you had to do is choose the song that you like from Youtube and share it through viber or whatsup or whatever and write her something sweet as a message to “seal the deal” of your expression.

Back in the 80s you needed a cord phone like this:

A radio device like this:

And a lot of luck because as we mentioned before cell phones haven’t existed yet and you had to call in her house hopping that she would pick up the phone and not her father or her jealousy little sister. Because mothers tend to show some understanding. Most of the times.

So someone can easily say “Yes Dimitris but in your other article (Flirting in the 80s) you said that saying a few good lines you could totally make a girl fall in love with you back then and now it would be almost prohibited to make a move like this”. Yes, I said something like that but nowadays you have all the comforts to communicate a lot easier and mostly you can have everything in one smartphone. The whole world. Imagine how difficult it was back then to keep a photographic archive of your best moments using films and paying a photographer to print the best 24 or 36 because the most common films contained that many clicks.

Imagine how difficult it was to keep an archive of your favorite songs when you didn’t have money to buy cds all the time and you had to ask from a radio producer to play the song that you like hopping that he wouldn’t talk during the song when you were recording it in a radio cassette. And all of that just to keep it for yourself or for the girl that you wanted her to have a mix tape of your favorites.

Although technology has changed our thoughts and beliefs about the world and the way we see, understand and justify things I choose the way we lived back in 80s. Because as small kids we used to grab a ball (any kind of ball) and play football until sunset. We didn’t have Netflix or video games to spend our time in doing nothing special.

Because as teenagers we had a big collection of “rejections” by the girls that we liked every now and then and a thousand songs that could make us fall in love to the next girl. No Facebook , no Instagram no Tik Tok to know how someone is living or how crazy he or she is. We arranged dates and if we realized that she was crazy way above our standards we used stupid excuses to get the hell out of this mess. And most of the times some friend of us arrived to tell us about a fake fight that was going on somewhere and how a friend of us has been kicked by some bullies.

I could really write a whole book about trends and situations back in the 80s and 90s but you all have fathers and mothers who lived similar situations and most of those stories are funnier than mine. And if your parents have 80s devices that are in a good shape keep them. Don’t sell them. There’s always a good story to hear about this device. Be a part of this history.


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