Falling in love with your best friend. Can you exit the friend zone?

So this is a very difficult issue to deal with. Sometimes it sounds a lot easier to have a triple bypass in your heart instead of making yourself believe that you can exit the friend zone.

Being friends for almost all your childhood and one bad day you realize that you have feelings for her. Believe it or not you have yourself in a Quicksand. Every moment that you’ll try to get your mind out of it you ‘ll only get deeper and deeper. Because she would always smile in a way you can’t get out of your mind how much you love it, she would always sleep on your shoulder because she feels security by your side and you will always smell her hair because you love the smell of it. Admit it to yourself that you are deeply in love with her. At least you owe it to yourself not to lie.

OK I’m in love and now what? Well that’s the most difficult part in your way. Because here comes the most hateful word in the English vocabulary when it comes to circumstances like that: Patience. I know how difficult it is for you to hear her tell you about other guys she is interested with, or about a date she is going to get out with a person you hate (and you hate everyone that comes closer to her) but you worry if someone finds out what you feel for her and by extension if she finds out about your feelings and you’ll lose that beautiful “friendship”. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you are not the only one who had a crush with his best friend. We all did. Some of us made the mistake and said it too early. Some of us too late. Don’t make the same mistakes we did. There’s always a better way before you’ll get crazy. And you’ll get especially if she ends up with someone else.

The only way to stay in the surface and not to put all your head in the quicksand is to have patience. Stay the same and don’t change your behavior, at least towards her. And never miss a chance to be by her side when she asks to. Especially at nights. If she feels something for you, she will always find excuses to be with you. To talk to you. Don’t miss a chance to be there.

So, for the first time in forever I’ll leave a button at the end of this article for you to answer in our new forum, because I want to ask everyone’s opinion in such a delicate question. Do you believe there’s friendship between a man and a woman?

I’ll answer first and you can leave your answer underneath. When it comes to a log time friendships and people that spend a lot of time together I believe that friendship between a man and a woman can’t exist. Because when the time comes someone (a man or a woman) let himself or herself fall in love. Because it’s in the nature of people to gradually fall in love. Sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes it comes with envy when they realize what they will miss if someone falls in love with their “best friend”.


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