Give charity to those who need it the most. Look around you.

(Posted during Christmas in

Wake up in the morning , wash your face and your teeth, dress properly to go to job but when you 'll find a homeless on your way to work don't surpass him.

I'ts not only the days of christmas that these people need your attention. But if you haven't done anything for them through the whole year now is your time.

Buy him food. Something to fill his stomach. Not money. Not Alcohol. A piece of bread , a sandwich something fresh and not something that he'll be able to sell to comfort his addiction (drugs or get drunk). But remember:

"Whatever you do , do it for your self. Don't publish it."

Doing something for those who are in need is a way to express the brightest side of the inner you in order to feel that you can offer from the bottom of your heart a small piece of happiness to all those unfortunate people.

We live in a cynical world and if you publish it you're not gonna make anyone do the same as you did. You'll become their subject of the day because most of them will see self-demonstration behind your generous offer.

Do it for your self. And don't let anyone know what you did. Trust me , you'll feel a lot better with your self and you'll gain the smile of a person that happiness surpassed his misery maybe only for a few moments. But can you measure hapiness?

You want to be more happy and share more happiness? Collect all your old clothes , jackets and blankets and choose the homeless that you'll find on your way to work and give them for yourself. Don't give them to groups of people in social media that collect them for their "generous" cause, because most of them are ending in the closets to those who collect them in order to sell them or keep them for themselves.

Be the miracle you want to see in this world. Was that the words from Gandi ?

Right? Feed the people that are in need and let's start with the people that are around us. Kindness is the food for our souls. If you haven't done it so far Christmas is a great period of time to start.

Be a better side of your self. Be someone that you admire. Start today. Not in organizations, not in groups. Just You.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

Dimitris Giapitzis


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