How to lose 35 pounds in the next 45 days? Let’s do this together.

(Part 1 of 6) I woke up this morning and I did something that I haven’t done for the last 2 months. I used my Bathroom scale to weigh myself and with big surprise I realized that in the last 2 months I got 22 pounds on me and the decision to begin changing myself was immediate. I did it 2 times in the past and it worked perfectly for those few months I kept my weight stable.

Why do I get those pounds back over and over? The answer is as simple as that. I LOVE FOOD.

We all do. That’s why when the time comes we eat not a large amount of food but the choices or better, combinations that we make in our food costs us the extra calories. And we drink. A lot. An old Greek quote says that “wine does good in our heart” but I guess they didn’t mean a bottle of wine. But let’s phase it. With a good meal as example a good piece of meat with great cheese on it or fine vegetables or mushrooms you can’t just drink a glass of wine. In the last 2 months I used to drink almost every night. I like good wine, I love old Scottish whiskey. But this has to change. I have to change. And I would be more than happy if you would like to change with me. THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW. WE NEED THIS PHOTO TO COMPARE WITH THE FINAL RESULTS.

That’s a 6 weeks journey in transforming myself and if you follow my steps I guarantee you’ll lose approximately 35 pounds. No pharmaceutical products, no diet pills. Just us and the right food. I’m not a dietician. But I want to lose and I know that it works cause I’ve done this before. WEEK No1 I DON’T NEED SUGAR AND DINNER.

Starting today I will use Stevia in my coffee instead of sugar. I will eat an apple as a breakfast. In my lunch I’ll not eat bread if my lunch contains spaghetti, rice or potatoes. For dinner I will only eat fruits or a small can of 2 % fat yogurt combined with apple slices. I’ll add exercise in my program but I have to get rid of a lot of toxins before I even think about starting to run. Hopefully next week. If you can take it for the first week then all the others your body will learn how to avoid cakes, croissants, cheese pies or everything else that contains so many calories. Every time you feel hungry eat an apple or another fruit that you know that is low in calories. By the end of the first week you’ll feel a lot better with your body. You will be able to get up from your bed a lot easier, and you ‘ll feel that something good is happening on you.

For the first time in forever I want to write how I’ll lose to prove to you that I’m right. I know that all people don’t lose in the same way. I know that it would be difficult with people who have thyroid to lose a lot of pounds but… don’t you want to try something that will only do good to you? We are what we eat. But a better look is what we want. Let’s all do better for our health, our life and our relationships. Because let’s face it. A better self-esteem equals a better sex life.


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