My best friend is in relationship with my ex. Why does it bother me?

We all had relationships that didn’t work. Some of them ended in a bad way, others ended in a good spirit knowing that having nothing to lose, ending is the right way and a very mature way to keep things in a good mood. There are also those relationships that ended after a long and difficult era that there were a lot of conflicts, uncomfortably jealousy situations and moments that would take a lot of time to forgive and forget.

But for all those situations there is always a good friend that will listen to you and will provide all the necessary equipment to help you say all the things that you have in your heart. That equipment would involve a lot of alcohol and a big amount of ice cream. A good friend will always will be by your side in all the way of the process of being miserable until you gain your self esteem again. But suddenly out of nowhere your friend is having sex with your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and you lose it. The only person that you had your fully trust has now stabbed you at your back? What now? How am I going to trust another one again?

The answer lies beneath your consciousness and the way you want deal with it or not. Search your heart and your mind and answer to these questions before you perform any action that will probably hurt anyone including you:

Why does it really bother you? Do you still have feelings for your ex? Do you feel that you opened your heart to someone that was looking forward to make you forget about your ex so that he’ll take advantage of that situation for his own sake?

If you don’t have the answers to all of those questions let me do this for you. First of all it shouldn’t bother you because your relationship has ended and as fast as you’re going to realize it things will be better for both of you. Second if you still have feelings for him or her you shouldn’t have left all this time without doing anything because time heals and sooner or later everything and everyone gets better and starts flirting again. You should be grateful that your friend spent all that time to help you get through a bad or good relationship and leave your ego out of this history because you forget the only one thing that is important to human relationships and it matches both friendly or sexual relationships:

Everyone is a human with needs and equal rights when it comes to love , respect and equal rights to be happy with the person he or she feels right.

If you are not Barney Stinson and you haven’t conducted the Bro Code then step at the side and make sure that you’ll not be the stepping stone in anyone’s happiness. You had your chance, you made your own decisions or mistakes (depends on how you look at it) let someone else try and if in that case it’s your best friend you know that no matter what his or hers happiness is in good hands.


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