Self Confidence – all the common mistakes that makes you lose it and how to regain.

There are so many talented people out there that deserve our admiration. People that built a career by being successful in what they loved to do. Do you really believe that they would be so successful if they were introvert, pessimists or anxious and insecure about their every move? The answer to that is NO. To reach the dream of recognition and wealth you need much more than just luck. You need self-confidence.

Self-Confidence is a whole science based on human behaviors and ways that you deal with tasks in your daily life. There are experts around the world that write down and analyze human profiles and they give their opinion on how to feel better with yourself and get better each and every day. What are the most common reasons someone loses his or hers self-confidence?

Here are some examples:

A bad break-up.

When 2 people decide to split their lives after a long relationship or a marriage most of the times they realize that they both made mistakes. That’s the easy part. But there are those couples when someone accuses for all the problems that they had as a couple, the other receives and loses self-confidence and it’s a looong journey to regain it.

Lost a promotion that you deserved.

You are working a lot more than the others to gain the promotion that you have dreamed and although your daily effort deserves that promotion someone else is getting it. The reason you didn’t get it was because you didn’t have the self-confidence to persuade the others that you deserved it. Most of the times the other that got promoted was more communicative than you and had more self-confidence that this position required.

Bad behavior of superiors in your job.

When you receive a bad behavior from someone that is higher than you in your job’s pyramid of duties, there is a series of steps that will lead you in the loss of your self-confidence. At first you will feel angry because of his behavior. Then you’ll be furious and you’ll always try to keep your nerves for yourself because if you let yourself blow you ‘ll lose your job. The final step will make you lose your self-confidence because you’ll start questioning yourself if he is always right for yelling at you or not. Most of these job “bullies” have the ability to make you feel that you are wrong. Even if you aren’t they have the way to make you feel that way.

When a friendship is over.

You are with a friend that he needs your recovery powers after a big break up or a loss of a relative or family person. A friend that he needs you to be close to him after a bad fall or an accident to cheer him up and to feel that someone really cares for him. Although he’s never there for you, as you were for him and even if you always say yes in his every needs,you give your best to be a good friend at the very end he finds a lame excuse to say that it was your fault that you can’t be friends anymore. And in that point you lose your self-confidence because you really feel it was your mistake.

Those are the most common examples that we all have lived in the past. Not all four of them but in a certain point in our lives we all have experienced a bad boss, a bad relationship or at least a friend who didn’t appreciate. But how can you overcome this or feel better when it comes to these situations.

A bad breakup needs time to heal your broken heart and a new flirt that will put you back in the game.

For a bad boss your daily progress in your job is the way to shut his mouth. Doing your job right and being a step ahead in what he’s going to ask from you, will give him a reason to shut up. If he keeps shouting it means he’s a person of no interests in his life and start to feel sorry about him. I f his behavior is abusive try to find all the other people he is abusive too and report him to his superior. He can’t fire you all.

The most important in regaining your self-confidence is to make changes to your appearance in the way that you’ll feel better. If you feel you have more kilos on your body then lose weight. If you feel that another hair color will show the beauty of your face then dye them. If you feel that toxic behaviors are holding you from showing the best of you get rid of them.

No friend deserves your care if he doesn’t care for you. Be a better version of yourself. Be the one you’ve been always dreamed of. If your job is not what pleases you change it. Don’t compromise in the life that other people want you to do. It’s your life, your rules, your time to show. It’s never too late to change your life to the best. No one is better than you.


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