You know a lot more Swedish singers than the ones you think you know. Get ready to be surprised.

Updated: Apr 4

You know ABBA. Who doesn’t. You also know Roxette and Ace of Base. And probably as you already know from the documentary in Swedish Pop from Netflix those last 2 bands are Swedish and they were all a small sample of the music production by the “magicians” Dennis Pop and Max Martin and their crew. So that’s all you need to know about Swedish music. Right? Wrong!

Get ready to be amazed because I will give you 6 great singers or bands that you didn’t know they were from Sweden.


A Swedish rock band that was formed in Upplands Vasby, Sweden in 1979. Joey Tempest (frontman) , John Norum (guitarist), Peter Olsson (bassist) and drummer Tony Reno made their mark and there are some of their amazing songs that we sing until now. Songs like “Carrie” or their most famous song “It’s the final Countdown”.

Eagle Eye Cherry

Born in Stockholm in 1968 the son of the American jazz singer Don Cherry and the Swedish textile painter Monica Cherry. We knew him from the worldwide hit “Save tonight” and the great song “Falling in love again in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Army of Lovers

This group was formed in 1987, a Swedish Dance-Pop group that was very successful during the 90s. Everybody remembers the songs “Crucified” and “Obsession” , both of them were in their second album which was released in 1992.

The Cardigans

This band was formed in 1992 in Jonkoping, Sweden. Their leading singer Nina Persson never wanted to become a singer but she thought it could be a good reason to get out of Jonkoping which was a quiet place and that was boring according to her opinion. Songs like “Lovefool” and “My favorite Game” established them as a great pop-rock band in the middle 90s.

Dr Alban

Although Alban Uzoma Nwapa a.k.a Dr Alban was born in Nigeria, Africa he got the Swedish Nationality and studied in a Swedish college to become a dentist while he was working as a DJ. He was mostly rap and pop hits singer. In the early 90s you all remember his best songs “Hello Africa” and the massive worldwide hit “It’s my life”.


This nu-dance group was formed in 1999 and their amazing song “Crying at the discotheque” was one of the best disco songs ever written. Would you like us to talk about numbers? 12 million albums sold in only 4 years and they were in top songs lists in more than 40 countries all over the world.


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