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The Golden Rule in business collaborations.

August is the month of vacation and rest. Where did you go? Which was your destination this year? Did you have a nice time? I’d like to know in the comments section below all your great stories from your own holidays this month.

We all have worked in the Customer Service section as waiters and a lot of us we have worked more than once in more than one restaurant or coffee shop. As I said before working in Customer Service is a whole science with many different rules that need to be followed in order to provide a five star service .Make these customers choose your business among a thousand because let’s face the fact that there are much more competitors out there that you can’t even imagine.

If you don’t want to give your best to serve the best possible way, don’t even consider to work as a waiter. There’s nothing you can’t do. A lot of people, a lot of different demands require someone who’s willing to give his heart and soul not only to serve but to make them feel great with themselves for their decision to choose your business for their amusement.

In this profession there’s nothing you can do. It’s the only profession in the world that combines creativity, adaptability and desire to be a better person. We must provide this kind of service just like how it would be if we served ourselves.

But what is the Golden Rule in Customer Service when it comes to collaboration with several businesses? There’s not a Platinum Rule above that. Trust me, you’re not Barney Stinson.

We have all said from time to time that there are some coffee shops or restaurants that no matter what we’ll never work there. Or even say that I’ve done with this work and I’ll never work again in this place. That’s something I have said to myself a LOT of times. About 20 years ago I said I’ll never work in this coffee shop and when I did it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my 21 years of work as a waiter. I have spent 10 wonderful years there and I don’t regret it. I have also said 7 years ago that I would never work in this place again and nowadays is my third come back as a waiter and I feel great about myself. Never say never. You would probably think that sooner or later things that made leave this place the first time will annoy me again but the point is that I have changed.

So my Golden Rule to you when it comes to business collaboration is that: “If you want to succeed in Customer Service first find a way to communicate with the inner you”. Find a way to trust your strength and feel good about yourself. Be the person that will always give his best and feel great for who you are and what you can do.


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