The sound of our lives, the music of our dreams. What’s your favorite song?

Music is like a heartbeat. You can listen to music or attach your hopes and dreams in a melody that you have heard sometime in your life and you’ve been searching the title ever since. Music is the way we touch our hearts and the rhythm beats just like our heartbeat. Smoothly or fast depending on what excites us in music.

I remember I was only 5 years old when I first heard that melody that would be stuck in my brain and I was looking for that melody for almost 7 years. You see to tell the story right I was born in the early 1980s. So I’m writing about a time that there was no Google, no You tube, no internet in our homes and the education system in Greece started teaching me the English Language at the age of 10. So in my 5 years old that I have listened to that melody everything was blank. Everything except from the need to never forget the melody.

Age of Innocence when you thought that falling in love was a music video that presented yourself running in a beach at a sunset, holding hands with the one that you loved and laughing all the way. That sense of perfection that used to sell like crazy in the 80s. Most of the 80s love songs were selling just that. Sunsets, kissing in the edge of a cliff while waves were smashing underneath, a rainy window thinking the one that you love, walking in empty streets just to show the emptiness in your heart.

But the only thing that remains out of a scenery like that is the melody. The chill you feel when a melody starts. Mostly when it is one of our first top 10 songs in our lives. Let’s face it we all have 10 beloved songs. Their order tend to change depend on our mood and the moments we share and change us to the better. But which one is the one? Which one is that melody we kept in the back of our minds trying to find it in every record store in our youth?

At the age of 12 I bought a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day for my first girlfriend. Don’t judge me. It was the 90s, don’t pretend you have never bought presents in Valentine’s Day. We all know you did. So I offered it to her with a letter saying how much I loved her and she offered me a tape. For the ones that you don’t know what a tape is, it’s a radio cassette that contains about 10 to 12 songs depending the duration. It was a love song tape and at the back was written by her the list of the songs.

So I went home and started listening to the songs. Greek songs at the first side and worldwide hits on the other side. Cutting Crew, Hall and Oates, John Paul Young and many more. You can imagine my surprise when I realized that the fourth song was the melody I was searching for. Released in 9th of April 1985, Bryan Adams’s “Heaven” is the song of my life. I heard it first time on the radio in 1987 and I was looking for it ever since. Nowadays in my personal record collection, you’ll find that song in many records because I don’t want to lose it again. So after that I promised myself that I would dance that song only with the woman that I would get married. So I did. I have danced it with my wife and the other love of my life. My beautiful daughter.

So what is your favorite song and what impact did it have to your life? Tell us your story.


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