What is going on with your brain when you are close to 40 years old.

You have read it, you have listened to it but what really happens when you are close to 40 years old? It happens once in your life and the general idea is that you don’t know or better you start to question things in life and how you ended up with your life as it is.

First of all, you realize that you want everything to be in order around you something that you didn’t care before you reach that moment when the age of 40 knocks on your door. Well, it happened to me as well. This morning I was on my way to work. While I was walking towards the gate of my work, I searched my right pocket for my smartphone and it wasn’t there. So for a few seconds I started to panic that I forgot my phone back at home. Until I realized I had it in my inside pocket of my jacket. That was the moment I caught myself thinking that my phone should be in my right pocket and my wallet in my left. Wait a minute…. When did I become so obsessed with things like that? When did I become that guy? Am I hypochondriac for some reason?

Second you feel that your body is not that strong enough than you used to be. Maybe most of that thought has to be because of psychological reasons and you start to look out for gyms, ways to train and built your body and most of all ways to prevent you from getting older although time doesn’t stop with all of these technics. Should I mention the loss of hair?

No that’s too much to handle for one article.

Third comes the ability to sexually fulfill your needs because all the time you want more, but in the same time you worry if you can handle that “more” you think you need. In this point comes the need for travels, material needs and ways to complete most of the things that you rejected when you were 30 by thinking that “there’s time for that” and now you try to do everything NOW before you get too old. Really?

Have you ever thought that you are missing today trying not to get old tomorrow? Have you ever thought that today will be yesterday and by the end of the day you will still be worrying about things that don’t matter? Because they don’t. You lived these 39 years. You directed every project of your life to success or failure. Your choices and not your chances got you here today. But there are so many things to live and achieve. One thing at a time. Life doesn’t stop at 40s. It gets better.


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