What is the Platinum Rule in business and why?

Updated: Apr 12

You must have heard a lot about the Platinum Rule in relationships mostly if you are a big fan of “How I met Your Mother”. But what if there is a platinum rule in everything? What happens with things we did wrong and how we could have avoided all those mistakes that cost more emotionally and less financially. Because above the negotiation rules in a company or the job description of everyone’s work there are morale rules. Rules that have to do with behavior and an enormous patience when you have to deal with the wrong people and a toxic cooperation with a superior that you can’t notice to the management.

A bad superior constantly makes you feel that you are always wrong and he’s always right. A bad superior always like to complain to the management how tired he is because he’s doing everything on his own without any help. A bad superior always tells you that if he was in charge of this company you would have been fired because you deserve nothing as an employee. A bad superior always make uncomfortably jokes or asks you uncomfortable questions (in front of a lot of people) about your life to make him feel smarter than you and to establish himself as human while you feel rubbish.

So, what is the Platinum Rule in a business or a full time working environment? Never, ever work with relatives. And in our case a relative that is in your daily life and you have to deal with his unacceptable behavior every day in your regular job. Because you can’t tell him all these that his behavior make you think about him. Mostly because family ties will be broken and people that don’t deserve to get hurt will be in that war zone.

Many of you will ask “and you’ll keep tolerating his insults and his ego demonstration for a long time just to have peace with him?”. The answer to that is NO. The best that you can do is to ask to move in another section in your job if that is possible so that you can reduce your contact with him and secondly to start an isolation number of steps to pull him out of your daily contact step by step. So the next question that you would ask me would be “if he is that smart enough won’t he notice the isolation process?” and the answer is Yes, he would. But that’s something you really want him to understand. Mostly because you want to him to realize that he can’t make decisions about your life. In your work, sure he is a superior and your job is to take orders from him. In your real life you’ll decide if you want him in your life or not.

“Who would be the best person to work with?”. Seriously the best solution would be with someone that you have been working in the past, in a previous job and your cooperation have been great all the way. It’s a great thing to know his weakness, where to help him and where to help you in your weak moments and finally to be able to discuss and solve things out. Great cooperation leads to great friendship. And we need great friends in our lives.


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