What was your biggest lie? Did it worth it?

Updated: May 3

Let’s say it’s a Sunday afternoon and you go out for a walk. Then out of nowhere you see on the opposite side of the street your married best friend kissing another woman. Would you lie for him? Would this be a way to save his marriage? And how would you feel with yourself doing that?

We lie so many times in our lives that we have put labels and we have categorized our lies depending on how serious they are. Believe it or not they have been categorized just to make us feel that our lie was not so bad after all or it has been said for a good reason. But no matter what it’s a lie.

Let’s take a look to the most common categories of lies.

Sweet Little lies

These are the lies we tell every day and they have minor importance in our lives. Lies that have to do with our delay in a meeting or an appointment (sorry I was late, I had a flat tyre and it took me so long to replace it) , lies that have to do with things that we don’t want to do and we lie to avoid it (I can’t come to the party because my car had a mechanical failure and the mechanic will not have it ready until next week) and lies that have to do with things we didn’t do but we don’t want the others to know the reason we didn’t (I didn’t finish my homework because I had a serious headache and I had to fall asleep).

Relationship Lies

Lies that are being told daily in a relationship when we hide the things that we like from the other half of that relationship mostly because she doesn’t like the things we do and we don’t want her to know that we do them. Things like listening to music that she doesn’t want, or going out with friends that she doesn’t like, collecting things that she doesn’t approve or watching games when she doesn’t like sports. Lies that would seem minor issue but it’s not. Mostly because you didn’t define the things that you like when the relationship started and it's too late to defend yourself when she finds out your lies.

Protection lies

That’s a big category that covers lies that are being told to protect someone from getting heart, lies that are being told to protect people that you love from learning things that would make them feel sad and lies to make yourself feel safe when it comes to a company of people who are more experienced than you and you tell lies about places you visited or places that you have worked in order to feel equal with them.

There are far more categories that have to do with criminal purposes or lies that have to do with attraction or admiration but that’s a very big chapter that would need one or more articles to cover.

But let’s face the truth. The ugly truth to be exact. We all have lied sometime or every time in our lives. But for every truth that exposed us or every truth that was revealed didn’t that made us think if it was worth it? Well did it? When you reach forty years old and you know what you did and where you were wrong with people that you misled or deceived wouldn’t you like to remember yourself as more honest? Do you regret about lies that could have been avoided and things that could be better for you nowadays?

But I think that the right question would be: Do you like yourself now? Is your conscious clear about the way you treated people? No matter what the choices you made and not the chances you had, led you in what you are today. So, can you handle yourself? Because if you are not you’ll keep hurting people around you because you can’t handle the way you feel about you. What was your biggest lie? Is it too late to change things?

Before you start judging others you should better start by judging yourself and make commitments with yourself first. Release all the things that keep you back. Trust me, love yourself and this will help you to be a better person to the ones that you love.


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