Why “How I met Your Mother” will always remain a classic?

Searching the internet for romance TV series there’s a big chance that you’ll find over a thousand from all over the world. Looking closely you’ll find out that in the best top 10 is “How I Met your Mother”.

Created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for CBS and directed by (most of the episodes) Pamela Fryman. Starring Josh Radnor as the main character Ted Mosby, followed by his best friend in the show Jason Segel (Marshall), Alyson Hannigan (Lily) was Marshall’s fiancée , Neil Patrick Harris (Barney) was the playboy of this company and Cobie Smulders was the mysterious Canadian reporter that came into their life to be Ted’s girlfriend (not his wife) and later Barney’s ex-wife. It’s a nine season series that shows the way Ted Has met and flirted his wife and all of that by explaining the way to his children in the future.

HIMYM is a series that has it all. If you ask me I would say that it is the “Holy Bible” of romance series. Looking closer you’ll see that it covers so many subjects and matters in our lives. The five main characters reflects at least one person that we all had accompanied with or had a relationship with. Let’s take a look in each and every one character and you’ll know we have at least met one like these.

Ted Mosby is the absolutely romantic character that believes in true love, searching for the one, believes that he was born for a greater cause and he can’t wait to get old so that he can do anything without giving attention to anyone around him.

Marshall Ericsson is the proud lawyer who is going to change the environmental history and save the earth, totally attached with his family and his home town in Minnesota. Believes in jinx, the existence of ghosts, reads books about paranormal mysteries and he is the biggest fan of the first Star Wars trilogy.

Lily Aldrin is a kindergarten teacher with a lot of daddy issues, loves to paint although she is not as talented as she thinks and every time she feels awful she buys clothes and shoes with a lot of unpaid credit cards.

Robyn Scherbatsky is a Canadian reporter with low self-confidence, definitely daddy issues because she is still looking for his acceptance, loves old whiskey and a gun enthousiast.

Barney Stinson is the type of guy who flirts beautiful girls to have sex with them and abandon them mostly because of the incident that his father left him in a very small age and he doesn’t know who he is because his mother doesn’t want to reveal. He loves magic tricks and he was ordained as a priest just to hear woman say “I do”. He always wants to have more than the others do and he wants to be the center of attention in almost all nine seasons.

Do you find a friend similar to these characters? No? Wait because I have a lot more to tell you about HIMYM. If you didn’t identify yourself with one of the characters you must watch it for the subjects that narrates perfectly with the voice of (the recently died) Bob Saget.

The seven steps of a relationship, the playbook, the Bro Code, the Murtaugh’s list , the pineapple incident and many other subjects that reflect our lives and situations we have lived in previous relationships. HIMYM shows all the mistakes we did because of our impulse and how we could avoid them.

The only main reason why I think that HIMYM is a lot better than “Friends” is because it’s purpose is to educate and understand the human relationships in a way that we can feel a lot better knowing that mistakes we did are common mistakes in most of people’s lives.

After HIMYM you’ll be a better person and your way of understanding things will improve. It teaches you how to be yourself and feel good about it. HIMYM will always be classic because it was written by expressing true life events and true life reactions. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t like the end of it. Looking back you’ll find that you mature with it like a good old wine. And you’ll love it.


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