You feel that you have reached the bottom? We have 10 songs that will help you change your mood.

What happens when things didn’t work out the way you wanted? What happens with choices you made and those choices gave you nothing more than just disappointment? You need something that will change your mood. If your escape has to do with food then you’ll have regrets about that when you weigh yourself and see the results of that choice. If learning a martial art is your way to cheer up then you’ll spend a lot of money and time for that and I don’t really believe that most of us have our mentally condition in great shape to get started.

So I believe that the safest way to cheer up is listen to music. These are 10 of the most beautiful songs ever written and let’s say that this is our top 10 choices for becoming a better person in a difficult day.

10. New Radicals – You get what you give

Their first great success in their first and last studio album “Maybe you have been Brainwashed too” which was released in 1998 from the American alternative rock band New Radicals.

9.Kelly Clarkson –Stronger (What doesn’t kill you).

Released in 2011. Fifth album of Kelly Clarkson with a new sound and Howard Benson as one of her new producers and what a great song.

8.Climie Fischer – Love Changes Everything

Their best hit in the album of 1987 named “Rise to the Occasion”. A great pop hymn of love written by Simon Climie and Rob Fischer.

7.Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

Released in 1984 in the 4rth album of Bryan Adams named “Reckless”. According to the songwriter Jim Vallance the song is about the dilemma of settling down or become a rock star. On the contrary Adams claimed that the song was about the sexual position 69 and not the year (something that Jim Vallance denied) because let’s face the fact that the summer of 1969 Adams was only 9 years old.

6. U2 – Beautiful Day

The first track of their 10th album named “All that you can’t Leave Behind”. This is a song to help us remember their old sound. According to Bono this is a song that speaks for all the times we lost everything but we find joy in the things we have.

5. John Bon Jovi – You give love a Bad name.

Written by Joh BonJovi, Richie Sambora and Desmond Child and it was the first single in their album “Slippery when wet” which was released in 1986. Their first no1 hit in the US.

4. R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People

“A song for children” as Michael Stipe the leading singer of R.E.M stated in 2016. This song was released for the album ”Out of Time” and the funny part of this story is that it has been chosen for the pilot of Friends but a little before the pilot was aired they replaced it with the song we all know from Rembrands.

3. M People – Moving On Up

It was released in September of 1993 in their second album “Elegant Slumming”. It was written by Mike Pickering and produced by M people. Their best ever song in their whole music path.

2. Rick Astley – Together Forever

Released on June 1988 and it was no1 in 7 countries including Austria, Canada and United Kingdom. Recorded by Rick Astley and it was one of the 2 songs that topped the Billboard 100.

1. Freiheit Munchener – Every Time

They never really had the success they wanted in the US but that unbelievable great song was 1986’s no1 hit in almost half the countries of Europe. How can you blame them? The best song that can really change your mood.


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