Your 40 years old self has nothing to do with your 20 years old version. Admit it.

There are so many things that are way different between yourself now and the one that you remember back in your 20s.

I always read a lot of articles to make my opinion and write all of these and I don’t write according to my personal life. Although I identify a big part of myself in all of this.

I’m writing about men and the way we changed our priorities and needs through the years. In your 20 years old if you wanted to get out for a coffee or a drink you would spend about 20 minutes to combine the right trousers with the right shirt or t-shirt that would give the right look for tonight.

20 more minutes to have a bath and shave (I will not count the ones who have a special beard or a moustache that needs special treatment) and 30 more minutes to make all hair look amazing with half a box of styling gel spent on your head.

In your 40s you only need 3 minutes to do all these because you don’t care if you look great as long as you don’t look stupid and dirty. A simple shirt and a pair of jeans that look clean and you are out.

In your 20s when you get up in the morning to go to work you spend about an hour wearing the right clothes (different every day), polishing your shoes and making your hair look great.

In your 40s every day is another record of how quick you can get ready to go to work. Your hair is always small and fresh cut so you don’t have to comb them every day. In your 40s you experiment yourself in new combinations how to get ready more quickly and if you don’t know what I mean for example you have tried to pee will you brush your teeth with the other hand. That doesn’t sound sanitary but you have tried it right? I know you did. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

In your 20s when you are out at night you want loud music and a lot of alcohol to have a nice time. You know every song and every artist and you sing all of these songs especially when you are drunk. Every night you want a different girl although you couldn’t be the one that was going to make that happen. But you wanted that. Who wouldn’t.

In your 40s you want to drink wine or whiskey in your living room next to a fireplace with slow volume music and you have fun watching medium quality movies. You only know the songs that you used to sing in your 20s and you don’t like music or songs that are hits in your 40s because they sound so vain to you. Here’s a list of all the things that show that you are 40 years old in your body and soul:

You know that you are 40 when:

1. Every person at the age of 20s or 30s you meet talks to you in plural.

2. When someone in a bus stands up for you to sit.

3. You can’t party all night.

4. Every noise that your neighbors do bothers you.

5. Loud music can cause you a headache.

6. You can’t dunk (if you were able to do it in your 20s) because you can’t jump that high anymore.

7. You don’t have the same tolerance in drinking.

8. You can’t eat anything as you could in your 20s because your stomach doesn’t process junk food in the same way.

Although you can’t do so many things you have to admit that you are better in sex than your 20 years old version of you because you know what you want and how to get it. Maybe not as fast. Or as usual as you wanted. But when it does, you know how to nail it.


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